Welcome to TYL Video! Since you're here, chances are, you're looking for a wedding videographer. Let me start of by telling you what sets me apart from most wedding videographers. Many bride and grooms like the "cinematic" look that many videographers create. However, in most cases, you'll receive a 5-7 minute film of the highlights of your day and then an edited version of the ceremony and toasts. That's it. If you want the rest of the day, more often than not you have to pay extra for the raw footage or the raw footage may be included but not edited. On the other hand, you have bride and grooms who prefer the more traditional "documentary" style video that runs much longer, but lacks a lot of creative editing. Here at TYL Video I offer both styles mixed into one video that will have you "re-living" your day over and over. All our videos run approximately two hours and sometimes longer. I will edit your ENTIRE day. Please note that "editing" doesn't mean cutting out footage that you'll never see, I just arrange footage in a certain way that makes the video flow seamlessly. In fact, about 90% of the footage I capture will be in the final video, fully edited. If you shop around, and I certainly encourage you to do so, I believe you'll see that what I offer in terms of quality and pricing, that TYL Video offers the best value in wedding videography. I've been filming weddings for over 10 years and take tremendous pride in creating memories for all who hire me. I genuinely enjoy doing what I do. When you hire TYL Video, you are exclusively hiring me, Mark Mower. I NEVER contract out my work. Please give me a call and never be afraid to ask questions!! I would love to hear from you! All my wedding videos run approximately two hours.